How Many “Other” Projects in MTEP14?

312 Other Projects totaling $1.5 billion ‑ “Other” projects include a wide range of projects, such as those that support lower-voltage transmission systems or provide local economic benefit, but do not meet the threshold to qualify as Market Efficiency Projects

What is Notable about MTEP14 Work Efforts?

  • First planning cycle to include full participation of South Region members in both reliability and economic planning
  • Increased efforts to identify and provide opportunities to better utilize existing capacity resources
  • Increasing interregional study emphasis along the seams with MISO neighbors
  • Design and implementation of Transmission Developer Qualification and Selection underway

What are the main goals of each MTEP Project?

  • Ensure the reliability of the transmission system
  • Provide economic benefits, such as increased market efficiency
  • Facilitate public policy objectives, such as meeting Renewable Portfolio Standards
  • Address other issues or goals identified through the stakeholder process